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Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a continuously changing and developing field. A review of recent highlights shows the productive dynamic of this evolving area
  • Customer alliance programs and permission marketing
  • Strategies for cross selling, up selling and reference selling
  • Configured products
  • Personalization strategies and dynamic customer segmentation
  • Closed loop approaches
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Potentiality metrics and customer lifetime value
  • Holistic CRM

Today, the opportunities of CRM are better than ever. We have learned that CRM is an enterprise-wide endeavour. CRM cannot be reduced to the implementation of an IT solution. We know the degree to which enterprises need to carry out organizational change in order to render CRM initiatives effective. Experience is available to help decide, for a specific firm, whether it's better to purchase and customize an off-the-shelf CRM solution or build a solution completely from the ground up.

Moreover, the introduction and adaptation of Balanced Scorecards as well as the application of Business Monitoring Systems can give CRM initiatives the power required to be successful.

CRM remains an ambitious and exciting endeavour. Current challenges in CRM lie in the integration of Business Intelligence and enterprise-wide CRM solutions. Any enterprise that manages to collect customer, market, and enterprise data systematically, to process it intelligently, and to feed the gained information into its operational and strategic units has carried out the crucial step towards an optimisation of the customer relationship from the perspective of both the enterprise and the customer.

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