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Data Quality Management
Data Quality Management (DQM) is an important issue in virtually every enterprise. Not only because data is known to be a strategic resource, but also because of the personal concerns of
  • Data Base Administrators, who are directly responsible for the Data Warehouse, strive to raise the usefulness of the data but often lack appropriate measures and means to assess the data quality and to locate potential causes when that quality is poor.
  • Marketers, Controllers, Product Managers and Client Advisors, who depend on data but rarely get explicit statements about their quality.
  • Business Partners and Clients, who usually entrust a considerable amount of information to a company. Prudent use is indispensable and a success factor for Customer Relationship Management.

Successful DQM-projects not only deliver a competitive advantage by raising the utility of corporate information for almost every department. The projects also lead to considerable savings, because once the quality assurance processes have been implemented and attuned, the continuous improvement of the data quality will be an simple and gratifying task. DQM-projects thus multiply the value of centralized data stores, e.g., Data Warehouses.

Our experience has shown the BSC-methodology to be an appropriate way to control and focus data quality activities. Considering the following factors is essential for achieving a prolonged improvement:

  • Use the right measurements and an intuitive visualization of the data quality
  • Close the information chain by connecting data producers and users
  • Supply an appropriate tool set to extract the measurements
  • Implement business processes to drive error detection and elimination

DQM-project don't always deliver bad news. Often they show that existing data are better than expected and of sufficient quality for certain purposes. And where this is not the case, DQM-projects help locate good data that can be substituted for low-quality, or erroneous data.

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