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Balanced Scorecards
The popularity of the Balanced Scorecards (BSC) approach among strategists, executives, controllers, and -last not least- HR personnel is stronger than ever. The reason: Successful BSC projects bridge, in an ingenious simple way, the gap between strategy development and strategy deployment. The result: An enterprise-wide reporting system that can delight both operational and strategic controllers.

The introduction of a BSC system helps strategists create a balanced set of strategic goals. Balanced here means that at least perspectives of finance, processes, markets, and the internal organization are covered. Though depending on the activities of the business, many other perspectives can be considered as well.

The company's strategic goals are described in their mutual relationships ("Strategy Map"), then connected to appropriate metrics ("KPIs" or " Key Performance Indicators") and finally represented in different business areas and hierarchic levels. At best, every employer in the enterprise knows at any time to which strategic goal he or she contribute, which measures are appropriate to do so and how close he or she is already in meeting the target.

Today, BSC methodology has proven impressively its potential in different industries and different countries. A range of certified BSC-tools are on the market, most of which can be integrated seamlessly in the intranet of an enterprise. Currently, innovative thinking is required foremost for the identification of new Key Performance Indicators. An especially promising trend: The representation of Customer Relationship Management metrics on a dedicated CRM-Scorecard.

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